6th Day at SF IndieFest 2013: Ghosts With Shit Jobs

Oscar BridgeDue to numerous non-movie commitments – yes, there is such a thing – I missed quite a few days of IndieFest.  Last night I was back though.  For my 6th day (the Festival’s 12th), I returned to the Roxie to engage in a fun little sci-fi film that playfully explores some of the shit jobs that Westerners, in this case, Canadians, must do to earn a living in the latter half of the 21st Century.

three-stars15By far, the strongest factors of this movie were its premise and the way it was presented.  The movie is told as if we, the audience, are watching a futuristic version of Dateline, with the episode being an expose on what life is like for those who do the jobs that the more privileged class (Asians) don’t have to.  These occupations include the perils of collecting spider silk, assembling life-like robotic babies for wealthy Asian kids, rubbing out digital images in a virtual reality version of that resembling the street views of Google Maps, and a woman who acts as a human spammer, earning her income by subliminally mentioning products within casual conversations.

As far as low-budgeted Sci-fi movies that are worth watching are concerned, I can only think of a few that have been well worth my time; Time Crimes, Cube, and now Ghosts With Shit Jobs – even if the (over)acting, or the direction given to the actors, were at times questionable.  A minor nitpick, I know, but a noticeable distraction, nevertheless.

Social commentary through Science Fiction is nothing new.  Practically all the best science fiction movies – and books, for that matter – do just that.  In this sense, Ghosts With Shit Jobs falls right in line with the canon of innovative and thought provoking worlds that have come before it.  And when a movie comes along that is as well executed and smart as this one than praise must be given.  So, Ghosts With Shit Jobs, consider yourself praised.


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