Not-so-weekly Short Film: Chan-wook Park’s “Night Fishing”

4_fullsizephoto148298In 2011 Korean director Chan-wook Park (Stoker, Thirst and Oldboy) joined his brother Chan-kyong Park to make this short film.  The two brothers shot the entire thing on an iPhone4.  How cool is that?!  Okay, so I’m sure there was a lot of professional post production touch-ups and sound design work to be had, but in the end, Paranmanjang AKA Night Fishing is an accomplished piece of horror, and one that can easily hang with the best of what any modern day short film has to offer, be that digital or, dare I even say, film.  Those of you familiar with Chan-wook’s movies should be able to recognize the stylistic flourishes used to present his usual themes of humor, horror and mystery.  There’s also a weird music video thing bookending the actual film, which, from what I could tell, has little to do with the story at all.  Enjoy.


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