Spring Breakers: Reviews and Trailer

largeFilmbalaya’s Calindra and Adam both saw Spring Breakers this weekend.  Here are their reactions. Calindra’s is written in black and Adam’s is in red.

four-stars4Skrillex’s “scary monsters and nice sprites” drops in on a sick bass line for the introduction to Spring Breakers, which is really no indication of what this film is really about. Still, it bothered people enough to shake a few movie-goers out of the theater. I on the other hand was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying this rather shocking cast starring the likes of Salena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, whom I thought were Disney stars. Well, turns out not only are their characters bad asses, but co-starring with James Franco as a drug dealing gangsta, they are also one seriously hot cast.

Creative and dripping with dark humor, Harmony Korine brings to life another film to add to the classics. His writing and directing style is unique and powerful which is so refreshing in this day and age. Artistic time jumps added to the suspense, and throughout the movie I found myself seriously invested in the intense parts while laughing my ass off at others (not louder than Adam though, no one laughs louder than Adam!). Overall, the violence, drugs, and masked madness were really a thrill. I’ll need to see it again soon to pick up on the bits I missed. – Calindra Jeralin

Adam’s take on the movie, after the jump.

spring-breakers-James-Francofour-stars4I so want to pigeon-hole this movie by describing it as a giant stew whose ingredients include dashes of Terrence Malickism voiceovers, pinches of Gaspar Noe‘s camera fluidity, and topped off with a healthy measure of disrupting the status quo one night find in the more provocative of John Waters‘ films. Truth be told though ,and all comparisons aside, this is a wholly original Harmony Korine picture and a very unsexy and sleazy picture at that.

In Calindra’s review (above) she left out the plot details.  A wise move, as I think it’s probably best going into this movie knowing little as possible.

However here is what I will say…

Spring Breakers is not some mindless movie aimed at the teen and college aged demographic, though its marketing campaign would have you believing otherwise, and for that matter, so would the film’s opening sequence of excessiveness where half-naked teens are seen getting wasted on a beach – in super slow-mo, of course. Then there’s the overpowering dub-step music being played throughout this sequence which only adds to that NSFW GirlsGoneWild vibe. But as soon as the song ends, so too does the film’s glorified MTV music video tone and what follows is yet another Harmony Korine picture that once again lives up to his fastly growing reputation as a provocateur extraordinaire.

Like Calindra, I too will have to re-watch this movie in order to pick up on some of the bits I missed, but that’s mostly because I was distracted by the smells of Calindra’s snacks. Seriously, my eyes were on the movie the entire time, but if I were to have turned my head I know I would have seen the entire concession stand sitting there on her lap. Can you say stomach ache?


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