Not-so-weekly Short Film: 4 From Harmony Korine

Screen_shot_2011-09-28_at_44334_PMWhether it’s fair criticism or not, ever since his first penned script, Kids (1995) and his directorial debut, Gummo (1997), Harmony Korine has gained notoriety for being a filmmaker not afraid to shock audiences while exploring the depths of this thing called “normality”. Most recently Mr. Korine’s attack of the status quo can be seen in Spring Breakers (2013), a movie made on the exploitation of pop culture casting (heart throb of the moment, James Franco, and a couple of Mickey Mouse club kids) and marketed as a sexy non-stop party to the teen and college demographic. Those in on Korine’s joke though know better and will most likely revel in its sleeziness.

In celebration of Harmony Korine’s latest work, Spring Breakers, I’ve collected four of his short films that are each tiny little masterpieces in their own right. Which of these poetry in motion shorts, if any, is your favorite?


Curb Dance

Act da Fool

42 One Dream Rush


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