Eight Noteworthy Docs Coming to SF DocFest 2013 + A New Documentary Blog

bannerdoc13-620x350As I write this, two weeks have passed since this year’s DocFest lineup was officially announced, and in another two weeks – June 6th, to be exact – San Francisco’s 12th annual film festival of all things non-fiction will begin.

By now, I’m sure most of the die hard cinephiles, as well as those who have just been craving some quality cinematic portraits of truth have already copped their printed schedule and have marked it up accordingly. After doing some schedule dissecting of my own, I have whittled down this year’s 43 programs to eight noteworthy docs. Hopefully, come closing night (June 23rd), my predictions as to what was worth seeing will have proven to be accurate. To see the list follow this link to Filmbalaya’s new no-frills blog (docwatching.blogspot.com) dedicated solely to documentaries that Adam is interested in. Enjoy.


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