Frameline 2013 Report: Days 3 and 4 – “Sexual Tension: Violetas” and “The Out List”

Sexual Tension: Violetas

h9VNf3Eo2TbHmbNZ9YjCm3TTBizJBmS84b5DKOY0ZLAone-star2Oh man, if only my 13-year-old self were here to have seen this soft core omnibus of sex six lesbian fantasies. He would be rolling in tissue box heaven. Alas, I’m nowhere near 13, which means I have zero interest in spending my time watching an entire film composed of all the cornball esthetics associated with this atrocious sub-genre e.g., dreadfully stiff acting, keyboard driven muzak, and lots of noticeably bad soap opera style set designs and lighting.

This collection of shorts is proof positive that just because your film features some of the most gorgeous young Spanish women on the planet that it could still be a heaping piece of doo-doo. And for those of you who have seen this and think I’m being too critical, mainly because I don’t fall into its targeted audience – news alert, I’m not a lesbian – well, how do you explain the numerous amount of people who walked out before the third short even began? I too would have walked out along with them, but out of respect for my early-teen self I stuck this one out.

The Out List

the-out-list-hbo-documentaryfour-stars4Hey, public schools throughout America and the world, wake up and show this film in every class right now! Well, not right now. You shouldn’t download it illegally or anything, but as soon as it’s available on DVD or On Demand.

The Out List is a 60-minute documentary featuring a slew of people in the public eye speaking out candidly and proudly about who they are and how important it is for them and for anyone living in the closet to come out.

Neil Patrick Harris, Janet Mock, Dustin Lance Black, Lupe Valdez, Wade Davis, R. Clarke Cooper, Lady Bunny, Larry Kramer, Wanda Sykes, Christine Quinn, Jake Shears, Wazina Zondon, Ellen Degeneres, Suze Orman, Twiggy Pucci Garcon, and Cynthia Nixon. Each of these people were given roughly 4 minutes to speak about what their sexuality means to them, and each, deservedly so, received loud hearty applauses, especially Lady Bunny’s.

Those looking for a no-frills feel good non-fiction film, look no further. Although The Out List isn’t going to play again during this festival, it will be on HBO shortly, and then hopefully in class rooms helping to give confidence to those kids out there too afraid to reveal to the world their true selves.


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