Pedro Almodóvar’s I’m So Excited (Los Amantes Pasajares) – Review and Trailer

2two-stars1Pedro Almodóvar is undoubtedly an influential character in contemporary cinema. His films are frequently discussed, and his name often comes up in a list of auteurs of note from even those who have a modicum of a background in cinema. Times like these, though, I cannot help but wonder why.

It is a departure from the bizarre, amusing, and absurd The Skin I Live In. I will attempt to tell the plotline to you to save you the struggle if you choose to see it for some reason: Two technicians talk about their marriage beneath a plane. On the plane, the stewards talk about sex, then the pilots talk about sex, then a passenger talks about how she’s a virgin and a psychic and will have sex, and then everyone takes mescaline and has sex, with some minor character aspects sprinkled heavy-handedly in between. Oh, also the plane is malfunctioning and they all might die.

It seems that Almodóvar’s primary goal in a film like this, other than to amuse with light-hearted humor, is to challenge the sexual status quo. Sadly I found the film not only not so funny, as much of the humor seems based on the shock value of what it is implying and, perhaps due to living in San Francisco for four years, I do not find any sort of “sexual deviancy” shocking anymore – perhaps to the more conservative Spanish culture this is more relevant. To go further – isn’t relying so heavily on the assumed shock value of such topics as the sole humorous content insulting to the idea of challenging the status quo? This tactic is called exploitation, a realm that this film seems to unintentionally go. Sadly, the lack of any sort of real content in this film, and the completely skin-deep, shallow characters, guided by his penchant for melodrama, result in a completely un-noteworthy film.

I would not recommend this unless you are either a masochist or are a neurotic auteur-iste and must view the entire catalogue of all auteurs and are starting with Almodóvar from an alphabetical list of names.


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