Fact: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be 61% worse than the original

PiratesThat’s right. According to the good folks at nerdwallet.com not only will the next Pirates of the Caribbean be a total flop but so will just about any sequel from any up and coming franchise. Hey, James Cameron, I know it seems you can do no wrong, but you may want to read this article before proceeding with your Avatar sequels. Side note: I like the idea of James Cameron reading articles on Filmbalaya.

Now keep in mind, the people over at nerdwallet.com, specifically the article’s author Mike Anderson are self-proclaimed nerds who have spent a ridiculous amount of time and energy in coming up with these specific statistics to back their claims. In other words, they didn’t just yank them out of their butts. I have attached a detailed graph after the jump from Mr. Anderson that helps back up his statistics. You can click here to read the original article from the nerdwallet.com website


click here to read the original article over at nerdwallet.com


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