Not-so-weekly Short Film: Werner Herzog’s “From One Second to the Next”

werner-herzog-text-drive-doc-610x338.609.338.sHey, want to see what Werner Herzog‘s up to? Sure you do. Apparently working on preproduction for two projects (Hate in America and Queen of the Desert) simultaneously isn’t enough to hold Herzog’s interest. It seems the man has to have a camera in hand at all times, which is just fine by me. Just last week I stumbled upon this short 30-minute documentary that He did on the grave dangers of driving while texting.

Though the doc has none of the usual Herzogian elements (ponderous narration, or prolonged shots of seemingly random objects or beings for the sake of extracting the ever elusive static truths of life) it does do a fantastic job of scaring straight this now retired on-the-road texter. Indeed, this film should be required viewing for driving schools world wide. Warning: grab a tissue box before watching. You’re going to need it. Check out the short film in its entirety after the jump


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