San Francisco’s Earwurm Theatre/Art Space Needs Your Help!


In The Meantime Comedy Night with Christopher John at the Earwurm Theatre

For as long as this blog has been in existence we have never asked our readers for money. Consider this post being the lone exception. If you’re reading this post than I have to assume you’re the type of person who supports arts and entertainment. Listen, rather than have me drone on and on as to why I believe it is so vital to support San Francisco’s Earwurm Studios and their just cause to raise money for their much-needed construction, why don’t you just watch the short 5-minute video below. I know you have 5-minutes to spare, and seriously, when was the last time I asked you for anything?

You can donate by clicking here. Follow the jump to read more about the Earwurm Studios campaign, and to see photos of the space

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We’ve been building a cool, collaborative multimedia workspace in the Mission District of San Francisco. It’s a 4,500 sq ft warehouse. (2,000 sq ft which is unused space on our second floor). Our aim is to secure some funds to fix this place up to create a safe, pleasant and secure work space which will house artists, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and all of their associates for years to come. A unique situation for up and coming artists with limited budgets.

We’ve been working creatively in San Francisco for a long time, but have found it harder and harder to find an affordable work place in our community. We believe the answer is Earwurm Studios and the creative opportunities it will provide. Rents are skyrocketing. Especially in this neighborhood considered to be the new Media Hub in SF. We’re lucky enough to be in a unique position and have a good relationship with our landlord who supports our cause. Which means we can support projects that come to us.

After building most of the downstairs facility, our funds dried up. We’re determined to make this a reality, complete the work we started, finish the upstairs office space as well as many unfinished details in our production facility. We already have several hard working independent filmmakers who need and want a good workspace. But it currently needs a serious overhaul to make it secure, safe, pleasant and functional.

If we can reach our goal of $20,000 or more, that will cover the costs of this project.

Construction is always a challenge. Luckily we have many talented people involved in our place.  People with creative interests that coincide with this project, but also happen to be General Contractors, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Heating and Air Conditioning Specialists and much more.  A competent crew we trust to get the job done. Once we’re ready to pay for supplies, labor and get the ball rolling…… it’s on!

The people currently involved already have an impressive resume in the art, film and music world. When the office space is done, all aspects of projects from start to finish can be conceived and executed within the framework of this one building. Yours included.

This economy doesn’t always allow monetary leeway, even if your heart is in the right place. But we can still use your help simply by spreading the word to those who may be in a better position to contribute. Sometimes the struggle alone is inspiration to give your passion a kick in the pants. Using social networks, word of mouth and the Indiegogo share tools…. every little bit helps. We hope to have a revolving door with folks involved in the studio, actively participating in kick ass projects to further represent this awesome place in an awesome space in time.

For more info please visit our website,

Any personal questions, feel free to shoot us a note at






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