The Ultimate Guide to October Horror Screenings in San Francisco

The Monster SquadAs a film-fanatic, the month of October really only means one thing – It’s horror movie time! Time to bury myself alive in mountains of the strange and macabre. Though I plan on doing quite a bit of digging within my own horror DVD collection this month, I will also no doubt be visiting a slew of different venues throughout the city. After meticulously scouring my sources for nothing but horror screenings, here’s what I came up with.

Click the jump to see this October’s extensive film guide, made exclusively for those seeking out horror in San Francisco.

(Venue location key located at bottom of post)

October 1st: Re-Animator & Frankenhooker (Earwurm Studios 6:20pm – FREE Double Feature)


October 1st: The Witch Who Came From the Sea (Roxie Theatre 7:00pm)


October 4th & 5th: The Wicker Man – 1973 (Castro Theatre 4th – 7:00pm & 9:30pm, 5th – 4:50pm, 7:00pm & 9:30pm)


October 4th & 5th: The Evil Dead – 1981 (Clay Theatre – Midnight Showings)

evil dead 2

October 6th: Nosferatu – 1922 & Possession – 1981 (Castro Theatre 7:00pm – Double Feature)


October 7th: Bride of Frankenstein (Morphic Salon – FREE)


October 7th: The Birds (SFPL Golden Gate Valley Branch 3:00pm – FREE)


October 8th: Parents & Society (Earwurm Studios 6:20pm – FREE Double Feature)


October 13th: Psycho (Castro Theatre 2:30pm & 7:00pm)


October 15th: [REC] & Pontypool (Earwurm Studios 6:20pm – FREE Double Feature)


October 15th: The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) & Dracula (1931) (Castro Theatre 6:00pm – Double Feature)


October 18th: The Blair Witch Project & Ringu (Castro Theatre 7:30pm – Double Feature)


October 18th: Carrie – 2013 (All Major Theatres)


October 18th & 19th: The Shining (Clay Theatre – Midnight Showings)


October 19th: The Corpse Bride (Balboa Theatre – 10:00AM Morning Showing)


October 19th: The Monster Squad (Castro Theatre 1:00pm – Live appearance by cast)

The Monster Squad

October 21st: The Silence of the Lambs (SFPL Golden Gate Valley Branch 3:00pm – FREE)


October 22nd: Prince of Darkness & They Live (Earwurm Studios 6:20pm – FREE Double Feature)


October 23rd: Alien (Castro Theatre 7:00pm)


October 26th: Gremlins (Balboa Theatre – 10:00am Morning Showing)


October 27th: The Birds (SFPL Western Addition Branch 1:30pm – FREE)

the birds hitchcock

October 29th: The People Under The Stairs & The Human Centipede (Earwurm Studios 6:20pm – FREE Double Feature)


October 29th: Nosferatu & The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Balboa Theatre 7:30pm – Double Feature)


October 30th: An American Werewolf in London & The Howling (Castro Theatre 5:40pm – Double Feature)


October 30th: Golem & Bob Wilkins’ Creature Features (Balboa Theatre 7:30pm – Double Feature)


Venue Location Key:

Castro Theatre (429 Castro St.)                      Clay Theatre (2261 Fillmore St.)

Earwurm Studios (2010 Bryant St.)               SFPL Golden Gate Valley Branch (1801 Green St.)

Morphic Salon (660 Market St. #223)           SFPL Western Addition Branch (1550 Scott St.)


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