Greg ‘Freddy’ Camalier’s “Muscle Shoals”: Review and Trailer


four-stars4The soulful funky sounds of Etta James and ‘The Swampers’ still ringing in my ears has put me on a musical path these last few days which is probably the only thing between me, midterms, and a complete breakdown of my psyche. These songs that were recorded at the infamous FAME Studios are so much a part of American culture that as the film rolled, chills tingled down my spine whilst memories came flooding back.

Who hasn’t listened to ‘When a man loves a woman’ and not thought about that deep love that, at one point or another, grabbed your heart tight and took over your world? There is a distinct vibe and sound that resonates through the music recorded in this small town in Alabama that to this point has yet to be recreated or topped.

Rick Hall set out in this world, despite many hardships, to make his mark and a legacy for himself and thru this documentary I think a better understanding of his work will live on. The artists that he worked with and the sound they created together will pass thru time with ease and truly  are some of the best musical accomplishments to date.

So many amazing musical moments happened there. Etta James ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ is in my opinion one of the most fantastic love songs ever recorded and cries out thru the years with a passion that cannot be touched. The endless list of talent that recorded in that town has set a tone for American music and culture and is why this documentary will touch many on a very personal level.

 Along side a very powerful cast such as Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Bono, Alicia Keys, Percy Sledge, Clarence Carter and more; Director Greg ‘Freddy’ Camalier opens up a world, many have heard of but few have yet to see, in a thoughtful and inspiring way.

This film will take you on a journey through time and release you on the other side with a sense that you were there and a part of this great masterpiece.


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