Nine Nights of Argento #4 – Profondo Rosso (AKA Deep Red) (1975)

PROFONDO ROSSOI will be watching Dario Argento‘s first nine films (not counting ‘The Five Days’, which is currently unavailable in the US), from The Bird with the Crystal Plumage to Opera.

four-stars4“You have been watching DEEP RED, directed by Dario Argento!” scream the end titles, as Goblin blasts away on the soundtrack on Satanic synthesizers. As if we forgot.

Argento’s fourth film finally delivers on the infamous Giallo filmmaker’s promise, and nobody seems to know that better than the man himself, who displays the confidence of a schlockmaster firing on all cylinders.

As per usual, the story is a mess, but oh, the places this mess takes us. Walled-off rooms, telepathic Germans, robot clowns, psychotic children, missing paintings, secret messages, and, of course, bloody murder after bloody murder perpetrated by persons unknown. Our fearless detective character is played by a real actor this time out (British thesp David Hemmings), which does wonders to anchor the insane proceedings.

Perhaps most importantly, there’s a sense of urgency and real mystery in Deep Red that Argento’s previous films lacked. Credit should be given to Goblin for succeeding where legendary Ennio Morricone failed (three times!) by lending this horror yarn with a pulpy, driving score that moves the story and sticks in your brain.



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