A Quick Two Cents on Jeremiah Brinbaum’s “Torn”


one-star2Director Jeremiah Birnbaum has made a film dealing with an extremely sensitive subject; two mothers from different backgrounds find themselves in contact after a mall bombing that has killed both their sons.

I can see this movie being an emotional ride for some, as both mothers try to come to some understanding around the nature of these deaths and the accusations being dealt towards both of their children. Racism regarding 911 and it’s aftermath and other general stereotypes are addressed in this film as well as bullying.

There are a few twists and turns that could be appealing to the general viewer. However, for me there were a few too many coincidence meetings between the two mothers, but I understand from a director’s point of view that’s where the story is. The FBI agents were a bit over the top and some of the dialog seemed quite forced. There are a couple of exceptional scenes in which the actors seem to lock into something special, but the majority of the film was alright.

Trailer for film can be seen after jump


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