Interview with Tommy Wiseau, the Driving Force Behind “The Room”

The Room 4Well, I didn’t quite get the interview I was hoping for, which would have taken place during a game of catch football. However, I still got the chance to ask a fair amount of questions via e-mail, and I have to admit, though the answers were brief, and even a tad confusing (or maybe they’re just over my head), I was not at all disappointed.

For those of you who don’t know who Tommy Wiseau is, stop everything this instant! Quickly gather some friends, go rent The Room, and watch it. Okay, now watch it again (this time fast-forwarding through the icky two sex scenes).

I’ll assume you just did as I instructed you to do, and are now ready to read my exclusive interview with wonder-talent, Tommy Wiseau. Enjoy.

I want to say thank you in advance to Mr. Wiseau for blessing Filmbalaya with his time.

Adam Cuttler: Many films, even enormous budgeted Oscar winning ones don’t seem to have the staying power of The Room. What is it about this movie that gives it its staying power?

Tommy Wiseau: The Room is my original work related to human behavior.  It was created by me for people to see it and have fun with it.  The Room represents relationships, and other issues from real life. It doesn’t matter where you live; The Room = you, me, they and it! The Room is not just a movie but it is the event.

AC: Here in San Francisco there are a few things we can rely on to happen every month; rent, my girlfriend’s period, and a midnight screening of The Room. How does it feel to be a part of so many people’s monthly routine?

TW: I love it.

AC: If you were to reshoot The Room would you make any changes or do everything the exact same way?

TW: Yes I might change certain aspect of The Room.

AC: Why is there no commentary track on the DVD?

TW: Why the sky is blue?

AC: I’m sure many people want to know, is Tommy Wiseau single? And if not, what kind of person would be the perfect fit for you? Surely not a character like Lisa, right?

TW: At this time I’m not single.

AC: What were the last 3 movies you’ve seen?

TW: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Dir. Justin Lin 2006)
Rear Window (Dir. Alfred Hitchcock 1954)
The Edge (Dir. Lee Tamahori 1997)

AC: What 3 words of advice can you give to aspiring filmmakers?

TW: Respect, original, creations.

AC: What 3 films should everybody see before they die?

TW: The Room (2003), Citizen Ken (?), Giant (1956)

AC: What’s next for Tommy Wiseau, either personal or career wise?

TW: I’m working on The Foreclosure (a movie), The Neighbors (sitcom) and other projects.

AC: Aside from seeing your work in The Room, where else can your fans see you?

TW: Go to:  & to check my new projects.

Thank you for your support and I love you all.


– Tommy Wiseau

Want to experience a Midnight viewing of The Room with a large enthusiastic crowd? Sure ya do.

If you live in San Francisco you, are you in luck. The Clay Theatre will be playing The Room Friday, Nov 1st @ 9:30pm and Midnight, and on Saturday, Nov 2nd @ Midnight. Best of all, Tommy Wiseau and co-star Greg Sestero will be appearing live both nights.

If you don’t live in the Bay Area and your local theatre isn’t showing The Room at least once a month, demand it!


Click here to see a trailer and read my review of The Room


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