Jason Osder’s “Let The Fire Burn” Review and Trailer

large_let_the_fire_burn_pubsfour-stars4Let me start by saying that lately I have been lucky enough to watch an ever-growing list of kick ass documentaries. Zeitgeist Films delivers yet another to my list. Let The Fire Burn is an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end and I am not ashamed to admit that… yes I cried. And I don’t mean trickled a tear, I mean I really cried.

This documentary explores the lines between right and wrong, between conflicting beliefs and anger inducing violence, and with historical documentation shows how you can tell a story so in-depth it threatens to expose the very corruption within everyone.

The radical movement MOVE and the Philadelphia police went head to head on the 13th of May 1985 in an outright public war in a small residential town of Philadelphia. Not only were the actions on that day completely unacceptable but the entirety of them were also completely public and videotaped thoroughly, which is why we are able to view this outright blight on our history.

Following the horrendous acts that happened that day came a public hearing that was not only videotaped but also made public to the community so that the lesson of what had happened would be exposed to the public of Philadelphia. Now, because of this commanding documentary it will be exposed to a much greater audience.

Director Jason Osder dropped quotes like bombs the entire film, highlighting important moments, which brought them to life. The soundtrack was moving and after playing the cello for ten years there is nothing that moves me more than hearing it play through film and knowing it is a sound that not many instruments can achieve, in my opinion. As the cello played I cried. Great movie.


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