T.C. Johnstone’s “Rising From Ashes” Review and Trailer

TeamRwanda1three-stars15This movie’s tremendous and emotionally charged story line about perseverance in the aftermath of horror is empowering and could only be as effective as it was because of its director, T.C. Johnstone. Hearing him speak about his film humbly and with great character made it clear that there are certain stories which are only achievable thru the eyes of directors who have a certain genuine hope for the world.

In 2005 Jacques Boyer, the first American to ride in the Tour de France, moved to Rwanda to begin building a cycling team. With no idea how far they would get and no film ending in mind for T.C. Johnstone, six years they continued to organically create this movie. It paid off. Not only did the first cycling team to come out Rwanda make a buzz for simply existing but they made history by having one of their own compete in the 2012 Olympics.

The film is narrated by none other than badass Mr.Forest Whitaker (Last King of Scotland, Platoon). He does a great job resonating the importance and the gravity of what these riders were going through while remaining emotionally charged and focused on the riders relationships with each other while constantly overcoming adversity.

What really makes this film great though is the story of the riders, many of whom grew up during the worst genocide in modern-day history.

This movie is transformative as it highlights the cyclist fight for survival, their genuine hope for their country and all the relationships in-between. I would give this film three and a half stars but since we’re working in whole stars only, three it is. Really would recommend this one to anyone, not just cyclists.


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