Kevin Macdonald’s “How I Live Now” Review and Trailer

how-i-live-now-1016643_539425456119052_403284210_ntwo-stars1Hmmm lets see. I didn’t hate it. I think really I was just rather annoyed by the dialog and the fact that usually I love post apocalyptic/war type movies in which characters are forced to come to terms with themselves while also finding a way to survive.

This was not that. This was a poorly written love story (between Daisy and her cousin) written over a great idea for a film. The jarring scenes (both of them) and the violent action they inserted for effect could not save this film for me. You can’t add a rape scene and some dead bodies to force your viewer to connect to the story. It’s cheating.

I will say though that Saoirse Ronan is choosing an amazing career path by tackling very dark, adult and controversial roles from a young age and for that I must give her props (The Lovely Bones, Atonement and Hanna). I have no doubt that she’s going to be making some pretty interesting films in the not so distant future.

My favorite part was the soundtrack; composed by Jon Hopkins. It gave the film more emotional weight then it would have had sans the Soundtrack.

Yeah, I was pretty disappointed with How I Live Now. To be perfectly honest, I thought could have been done better. But if you’re looking for a love story set during an obscure war that is never really made clear you might enjoy it.


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