Another Hole in the Head 2013: “Motivational Growth”, “Discopath” and “Hunger Unholy”

Motivational Growth

motivational_growth_600three-stars15This film has a lot of strong assets going for it. For starters, the story is quite original. After hitting his head on the bathtub, Ian, an agoraphobic TV loving couch potato, begins to form a rapport with a hideous fungus living in his bathroom known only as The Mold. Can’t say I’ve heard that story ad nauseam before, if ever.

Strong asset number 2: This is a single setting film; a story device that when executed strongly never fails to leave a lasting impression. And while not on the same level as Alfred Hitchcock‘s Lifeboat (1944)Rope (1948), and Rear Window (1954), I have no doubt that an impression of some kind has been left, even if it’s one of Re-Animator star Jeffrey Combs voicing a disgusting and abnormally large fungi growth via some sweet practical effects. Which brings me to…

Strong asset number 3: Attention to visual detail. The practical effects, set designs, animation sequences and wardrobes were all successfully executed. When making a feature on a shoe-string budget, such details can make or break the movie. The world in which the story takes place, no matter how outrageous or grimy it is, has to be visually appealing. This was definitely appealing, especially considering the super low budget.

My only complaints with this film were: A) The bipolar-ish delivery of lines from the film’s cast, in where all of the actors’ performances at any given moment would go from adequate to atrocious. This fluctuating of quality was at times jarring. B) More times than often, while working with a high concept and a limited budget it’s often best to keep the run time short and sweet. In other words, tell the story and exit. Don’t linger. This film said all it needed to say at around the 70 minute mark of the 104 minute running time. Everything after roughly 70 minutes just seemed to drag.

I hate to end a review on a sour note, so I won’t. Go see this movie. It’s a icky fun trip into lite horror and a chance to see a debut feature from a director (Don Thacker) with the potential to make a name for himself within one of the beloved sub-genres this very festival is celebrating.

Showtimes for Motivational Growth: Saturday, Dec 7th – 7:00pm (New People Cinema 1746 Post St.)


1991three-stars15Those of you looking to see another film in the vein of the recent Hollywood-made-to-look-like-Grindhouse trend ala Machete (2010)Hobo with a Shotgun (2011), Machete Kills (2013) look elsewhere. Discopath sets itself apart from those films with its commitment to  authentic set designs, pulpish plotting, hammed-up acting, gory practical effects, and some impressive camera work.

Take the very best of first time director ingenuity (Sam Raimi‘s Evil Dead, Robert Rodriguez‘s El Mariachi) and the very best of 70s Italian horror craftmanship (Dario Argento‘s Tenebre, Lucio Fulci‘s Lizard in a Women’s Skin) and what you’re left with is something resembling Discopath.

As for what this film is about: A crazed psychopath who when infected with the pulsating rhythms of disco finds refreshingly interesting ways to kill his victims – ways in which are sure to remind genre fans of the very best of giallo Italian cinema circa 1970’s. There’s just no getting around it. Discoptath is a genuine B-movie and a damn entertaining one at that! I’m excited to see what director Renaud Gauthier has to offer us next.

Showtimes for Discopath: Monday, Dec 2nd – 9:00pm (Balboa Theatre – 3630 Balboa St.)

Hunger Unholy

Hunger-Unholy-image-5paper-star1 I firmly believe that quality made amateur ultra micro budgeted horror films exist in the world. I’ve seen them, honestly, I have. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. Not even close.

Those able to sit through all 120 excruciating minutes of this horror(ble) film should either be proud of themselves in their ability to endure such tedious drivel, or ashamed at their decision to have sat through two hours of this hybrid cabin in the woods/werewolf story that seems to have been assembled by a bunch of amateurs who could give a rat’s ass at making the viewer feel as if he or she should give a shit.

On a slightly more positive note; It looks like those involved with this film had fun making it, what with the fake blood and getting to don a werewolf suit and all. So, hopefully this movie brought joy to at least somebody.

Showtimes for Hunger Unholy: Wednesday, Dec 11 – 7:00pm (New People Cinema 1746 Post St.)


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