Another Hole in the Head 2013: “Stalled”, “Evil Feed” and “Bath Salt Zombies”


pooptutubigthree-stars15Looking for the Die Hard of zombie comedies? No? Well, too bad. You found it anyway.

By now the zombie genre has been done to death, as has that pun, but that doesn’t mean it’s off limits for independent filmmakers to have themselves a hack at it. (No more puns, I promise.)

Fans of the 2004 horromedy Freak Out will be pleased to find director Christian James and writer/lead actor Dan Palmer at the helm of yet another sub-genre parody. This time out instead of poking fun at slasher movies they’re aiming for laughs with zombies – and they’re getting them.

At the risk of being attacked by a slew of SeanoftheDeadites I’m going to go on the record and say that Stalled is the better of the two movies. What it lacks in production and acting, it more than makes up for with its creative script. Come to think of it, the acting isn’t really all that bad and neither is the production. In fact they both fit perfectly with the tone of the movie. I guess complaining about the acting and production of this film is the equivalent of saying Clerks. is a bad movie because it’s not as polished and well acted as Boogie Nights.

I challenge anyone out there to write a feature-length zombie film that takes place within a singular bathroom stall, and never looses its novelty. Good luck. The best part about this movie, aside from the many laughs I got was that there was never a dull moment. Then again it’s hard to be bored with a film that is constantly coming up with creative uses for blow dryers, dismembered fingers, toilet paper, a bra, mirrors, and trash bins.

I can’t wait for the sequel. Please let there be a sequel.

Showtimes for Stalled: Friday, Nov. 29th – 5:45pm & 7:00pm (Balboa Theatre – 3630 Balboa St.)

Evil Feed

evil-feedpaper-star1Those interested in watching this attempt at over-the-top humor in a story seemingly written by a 13-year-old’s idea of what cool and shocking are about a mixed martial arts gang meets a crew of cannibal crushing cuisine people, be my guest. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.

There’s bad, absurdly bad, and then there’s this offensive nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, as an unashamed fan of films such as Antichrist (2009) and A Serbian Film (2010), you should know that such things as strong use of violence and sex do not easily offend me. However, when I see gratuitous onscreen violence mixed with embarrassingly bad attempts at titillation via an adolescent cringe inducing script and a production value not even worthy of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode than yeah, I, as an avid appreciating fan of the entire medium of film, am offended. And no, this isn’t even one of those so bad it’s good movies.

Showtimes for Evil Feed: Tuesday, Dec 17th – 7:00pm (New People Cinema – 1746 Post St.)

Bath Salt Zombies

MV5BMTY0NzQ5NzQzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzM0NjAyOQ@@._V1._SX640_SY360_one-star2Face contorting drug addicted zombies, punk music, gratuitous nudity, cartoonish gore, and a DEA agent who appears to be emulating the remarkable acting skills of Chuck Norris (I’m assuming you understand sarcasm). So what’s not to love about Bath Salt Zombies? Well, a lot.

Though not an official Troma release, if you are one of the thousands who enjoy such low brow and low quality video making than I suppose there is a chance that you may enjoy this. Don’t get me wrong, I actually do enjoy some of Troma’s videography. This however is awful, even by Troma’s standards.

The only reason why I gave this an actual gold star as oppose to the paper star (see above review) is that I found a minuscule mite of enjoyment in seeing stock footage of my old stomping grounds – NYC.

Seriously though, looking for trash, and thoughtless filmmaking by people who think entertaining exploitive cinema means shooting close-ups of a naked punk chick’s va-jay-jay for absolutely no reason other than they could, then here ya go. Enjoy.

Showtimes for Bath Salt Zombies: Monday, Dec 16th – 7:00pm (New People Cinema – 1746 Post St.)


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