Another Hole in the Head 2013: “Found”, “Demon’s Rook”, and “Grave Bandits”




  12-year-old Marty has lots of problems. He’s mercilessly bullied at school and his parents don’t understand him. Oh yeah, and his brother is a serial killer with a closet full of human heads.

A razor-sharp hybrid of coming-of-age drama and gross-out splatter horror, “Stand By Me meets Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” doesn’t even begin to do it justice. What begins as a gleefully gruesome horror tale matures into a harrowing examination of the cyclical effects of abuse as the violence begins to hit closer and closer to home. This microbudget slasher epic makes mainstream horror look pretty toothless by comparison.

Even with the inevitable shortcomings that come with a four-figure production budget, director Scott Schirmer and Todd Rigney squeeze this story for every bloody drop of its potential, with a pair of strong performances from newcomers Gavin Brown and Ethan Philbeck lending significant weight to the material.

It’s the most heartfelt and poignant film you’ll ever see that involves intercourse with a severed head.

Showtimes for Found: Thursday, Dec. 12th – 7:00pm (New People Cinema – 1746 Post St.)

The Demon’s Rook

two-stars1  Christ-like abductee Roscoe kind of has it made. He lives in the foggy Dark Womb under the tutelage of a wise old demon named Dimwos, who dispenses delightfully nonsensical Kung-Fu style wisdom about the Dark Mother and stuff. What’s more, he’s got all the hot slime he can eat!

But then Roscoe has to go and get all upset about how Dimwos kind of murdered his family, inadvertently breaking some magic seashells that unleash hordes of demons, zombies, and possessed hillbillies upon the mortal world. Buckets of gore ensue.

Filmmaker James Sizemore‘s film doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and the acting is pretty rough across the board, but you have to admire the ambitiousness of this material, not to mention the awesome prosthetic makeup. These demons wouldn’t look out of place in a Peter Jackson flick.

Showtime for The Demon’s Rock: Friday, Dec. 13 (New People Cinema – 1746 Post)

The Grave Bandits


  This Filipino zombie bash kicks off when two adolescent grave robbers from a small village find themselves on the run from the law, escaping to a secluded island that happens to be plagued with undead pirates. Teaming up with tough survivor chick Maiya and obsessive researcher Seabrook, the boys bludgeon and slingshot their way through wave after wave of zombies.

Despite the exotic locale and high energy of the production, Grave Bandits ultimately falls victim to the same pitfall that undoes most zombie movies: repetition. You can only bash and slash and stab your way through so many hordes of the walking dead before it all starts to feel a little rote, whether you’re in America or the Philippines.

Showtimes for The Grave Bandits: Sunday, Dec. 1st – 9:00pm (Balboa Theatre – 3630 Balboa St.)


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