Coming to Berlin & Beyond 2014: “More Than Honey” and “Miles & War”

More Than Honey

More_Than_Honey_800bfour-stars4Seeing this film as Switzerland’s official Oscar submission to this year’s Oscars in the best foreign language film category makes me think that there’s hope for the Oscars to actually get something right yet.

As a documentary subject, making a plea for the Honey bee’s survival isn’t anything new. Having recently seen the documentaries Vanishing of the Bees (2009) and Queen of the Sun (2010) I was skeptical as to what else could be said about the matter that hasn’t already been said. I’ll put it this way, Markus Imhoof‘s More Than Honey is not only the most definitive non-fiction film on bees, it’s also one of the best conveyances of the contrast between human greed and human humbleness that I have ever witnessed in cinema, fiction or non. Until the BBC’s Planet Earth series gets a cinematic release this might be the closest you’ll get to witnessing some of the most beautiful and breathtaking insect photography on a large screen.

Showtimes for More Than Honey: Monday, January 20th 6:00pm (Goethe Institut – 530 Bush Street)

Miles & War

dokfest_miles_and_war_3two-stars1Not a whole lot happens in this documentary which aims to shed some light on what it means to be a professional war conflict resolutionist. Turns out, the job of global peacekeeper isn’t as glamorous or exciting as many fictional films would have you believe. And maybe that’s the point; that keeping the peace and dismantling wars is a slow process where seemingly very little progress occurs. Point made, Anne Thoma (director), I just wish you would have made it in a far more interesting way. Although the most interesting part about this documentary are the three main figures, unfortunately the narrative presents them in only the most shallowest of lights, choosing to focus more on their professional day-to-day business tediums than their personal – and far more engaging – human sides. Peace out.

Showtimes for Miles & War: Saturday, January 18th 4:30pm (Castro Theatre)


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