Coming to Berlin & Beyond 2014: “Free Fall” and “Shifting the Blame”

Free Fall

freierfall_1three-stars15Generally speaking, outing yourself as a homosexual can’t be an easy thing to do. Having to do so while married to the woman who just gave birth to your child, along with working on a homophobic police force must make things even that much more harder. This is the dilemma facing Marc, a young police cadet struggling with having to face his true nature.

Though the setting and language are not that of Ang Lee‘s Brokeback Mountain, director Stephan Lacant‘s Free Fall is really not that much different, thematically and narratively speaking, that is. And though the endings of these two films differ slightly, just like Lee’s film this too works as both a heartbreaking and liberating piece of self discovering romantic fiction.

Showtimes for Free Fall: Monday, January 20th 8:30pm (Goethe Institut – 530 Bush Street)

Shifting the Blame

shifting_the_blame_schuld_sind_immer_die_anderentwo-stars1Shifting the Blame is a middle-of-the-road drama that takes place in a halfway home for juvenile offenders. Ultimately it’s a story about the asking and accepting of forgiveness. With that being said, even though its ability to transcend such a message to me was all but lost, I have no trouble forgiving it. Though as adequately constructed and acted as it were, there was still this mind numbingly mediocre way in how it was presented that as a fan of cinema I found to be very uncinematic, thus resulting in boredom.

I’d say see this film if you have never before seen a relenting and serious portrayal of characters atoning for their troubled pasts and aren’t looking to be blown away at the cinemas, otherwise you might want to wait for this to appear on whatever station you have that plays foreign daytime soapy dramas of the Lifetime channel variety.

Showtimes for Shifting the Blame: Tuesday, January 21st 8:30pm (Goethe Institut – 530 Bush Street)


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