Coming Soon (Jan 24 – Feb 2): 12th Annual Noir City Film Festival – International Edition

6a00d8341c52ee53ef0168e5e9617b970c-800wiJoe Talbot isn’t just an upcoming young filmmaker who has already had a film featured in last year’s San Francisco International Film Festival, he’s also the man responsible for this year’s Noir City trailer. Lucky for us, we were able to coax him into writing a couple of sentences on what Noir is really all about. Take it away, Joe.

The following post has been written by Joe Talbot.

World War II marked the end of American innocence. Film noir captured the new cynicism and anxiety of American culture, prompted largely by the swarms of disillusioned soldiers returning home to a culture they no longer recognized.

So your silver star doesn’t buy you a drink at the local pub, huh?

How about the local pub has been bombed out and there ain’t no home to go home back to? Furthermore, how about my whole country’s been blown to smithereens, the water’s toxic, we’ve got a generation of deformed babies on the way and this foreboding feeling that we’ll be caught in the middle of a future war between the worlds two preeminent powers?

THAT’s noir.

Check out Joe’s official festival Trailer after the jump, along with general festival information.

The Film Noir Foundation is proud to present Noir City 2014: International Edition. With films from post-war Japan, Germany, Mexico, France, Argentina and more, Noir City 2014 will explode the long-held belief that noir is distinctly American phenomenon. Ex-Nazi’s decrying Fascism in the ruins of Berlin! Hookers rescuing babies from trashcans and abusive pachucos! Parisian crooks evading authorities in the labyrinth of the Casbah! That and so much more at the Castro starting January 24th.

Schedule of films:

Friday, Jan 24th: (Buy tickets for double-feature here) GREAT BRITAIN/USA
7:30pm Journey into Fear (Dir. Norman Foster & Orson Welles)
9:00pm The Third Man (Dir. Carol Reed)

Saturday, Jan 25th Afternoon Edition: (Buy tickets for triple-feature here) USA/MEXICO
12:00pm Border Incident (Dir. Anthony Mann)
2:00pm In the Palm of Your Hand (Dir. Roberto Gavaldon)
4:00pm Victims of Sin (Dir. Emilio Fernandez)

Saturday, Jan 25th Evening Edition: (Buy tickets for double-feature here) USA
7:30pm Too Late for Tears (Dir. Byron Haskin)
9:30pm The Hitch-Hiker (Dir. Ida Lupino)

Sunday, Jan 26th: (Buy tickets for double-feature here) JAPAN
1:15pm Drunken Angel (Akira Kurosawa)
3:30pm Stray Dog (Akira Kurosawa)
6:00pm Drunken Angel (Akira Kurosawa)
8:15pm Stray Dog (Akira Kurosawa)

Monday, Jan 27th: (Buy tickets for double-feature here) GERMANY
7:15pm The Murderers are Among Us (Dir. Wolfgang Staudte)
9:00 Berlin Express (Dir. Jacques Tourneur)

Tuesday, Jan 28th: (Buy tickets for double-feature here) SPAIN/NORWAY
7:15pm Death of a Cyclist (Dir. Jaun Antonio Bardem)
9:00pm Death is a Carcass (Dir. Edith Carlmar)

Wednesday, Jan 29th: (Buy tickets for double-feature here) BRITAIN
7:15pm It Always Rains on Sunday (Dir. Robert Hamer)
9:00pm Brighton Rock (Dir. John Boulting)

Thursday, Jan 30th: (Buy tickets for double-feature here) ARGENTINA
7:15pm Never Open That Door (Dir. Carlos Hugo Christensen)
9:00pm Hardly a Criminal (Dir. Hugo Fregonese)

Friday, Jan 31st: (Buy tickets for double-feature here) ARGENTINA/FRANCE
7:30pm The Black Vampire (Dir. Roman Vinoly Barreto)
9:00pm The Wages of Fear (Dir. Henri-Georges Clouzot)

Saturday, Feb 1st Afternoon Edition: (Buy tickets for triple-feature here) FRANCE
12:00pm Pepe le Moko (Dir. Julien Duvivier)
2:00pm Jenny Lamour (Dir. H.G. Clouzot)
4:00pm Riptide (Dir. Yves Allegret)

Saturday, Feb 1st Evening Edition: (Buy tickets for double-feature here) FRANCE
7:15pm Two Men in Manhattan (Dir. Jean-Pierre Melville)
9:00pm Rififi (Dir. Jules Dassin)

Sunday, Feb 2nd: (Buy tickets for triple-feature here) THE FAR EAST, HOLLYWOOD STYLE
1:00pm Singapore (Dir. John Brahm)
3:00pm Macao (Dir. Nicholas Ray)
5:00pm The Shanghai Gesture (Dir. Josef von Sternberg)
7:00pm Singapore (Dir. John Brahm)
8:45pm Macao (Dir. Nicolas Ray)


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  1. Yani
    January 16, 2014 at 6:41 pm #

    this sounds hellof exciting

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