FREE MOVIES: Join Us on Tuesday, February 4th “Symbol” and “Drummond Will”

symbol4It’s time for another FREE Movie Tuesday at Earwurm Studios (2010 – 2012 Bryant St)!

Opening Film: SYMBOL (Japan) 7:30pm
There’s really no way to explain the storyline except to say that there’s a guy in his jammies trapped in an all white room. He sees objects that end up being “switches” that make weird things happen in the room: sushi dropping on a plate, a bonsai tree is ejected from a hole in the wall and a countdown to a giant ass (as in: buttocks) appearing from the ceiling. Oh yeah…there’s also a 2nd storyline set in Mexico about a lucha libre. Yeah. You gotta see this to believe it.

Feature Film: THE DRUMMOND WILL (Canada) 9:15pm
Following the death of their father, two sons inherit a cottage in a small British town. They soon find that the building contains a large sum of dough. What could go wrong? Just wait…! This film has gotten rave reviews everywhere it screens. It’s been called “refreshingly inventive,” “a joyful romp rolled into one pleasing package” and has been compared to the Farrelly brothers.

So bring your friends, sit back and prepare for an evening of comedy…the foreign way!

Your movie host of the evening,
Adam & Israel

Doors Open @ 7pm
Movies Begin @ 7:30pm
Doors Close @ 8pm

Trailers can be seen after the jump

*We’re enjoying having these movie nights so much that we wanna make them better! It costs us money to have these (electricity, heating, movie rentals, popcorn, drinks) and we love doing it! So we’re asking for any donation you can drop in our little donation box. If you can’t donate, no worries! But we’ll have a box there in the office. Feel free to throw in something on your way in or on your way out. We’ll use the $ to provide snacks, drinks and of course…pay our bill! We hope you understand. Thanks!


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