Coming to IndieFest 2014: “Teenage”, “The Wait” and “Drift”


teenage_2two-stars1Using only archival footage, narration, and a few scattered quotes, director Matt Wolf‘s adaptation of famed journalist Jon Savage‘s book, Teenage: The Creation of Youth Culture could have benefitted from clueing the viewer in on its objective from the beginning, or at the very least adding to its singular title a few extra words so as not to mislead someone (me) into thinking this would be about teens in general, not just those of a specific region and time.

Though the last two minutes of this film would have you believing otherwise, this is no more than a simple reflective look at England’s, the United States’ and Germany’s teens from the early 20th Century to the end of WWII – not a grandiose encompassing mission statement on teens the world over. Sure, there are moments of fascination to be had, which gives the film its charm, but no matter how many times the differences and similarities of these three cultures throughout this specific timeline are revealed, in the end I was left with more of an underwhelming feeling rather than that of its no doubt desired intention to wow.

Showtimes for Teenage:
Sunday, February 9th 7:00pm (Roxie Theatre)
Wednesday, February 12th 7:00pm (Roxie Theatre)
Thursday, February 20th 7:00pm (New Parkway)

The Wait

the-wait_movie-jenna-maloney-chloe-sevigny-portable-3one-star2Hopefully you’ll enjoy this bore of a film about one family’s odd way of dealing with their mother’s/grandmother’s death more than I did.

If there is some point as to why every single actor monotonously mumbles and mopes about from scene to scene as if they have all been injected with large doses of barbiturates, clearly it has gone over my head. This style of acting was enough for me to not only not care about any of these characters, but any part of the story as well. And although the digital photography and picturesque framing is decent enough, it still does not automatically equate to having a potential classic indie film on hand, or even a good indie film for that matter.

Showtimes for The Wait:
Sunday, February 16th 4:45pm (Roxie Theatre)
Wednesday, February 19th 9:15pm (Roxie Theatre)


Driftthree-stars15Not for those insistent on having their cinematic stories explained to them in a more commonly used and traditional fashion, director and writer Benny Vandendriessche‘s story of love, loss, and the resulting madness the latter brings is as mesmerizingly hypnotic as it is unconventional story telling.

In what I can best describe as the perfect mixture of live performance art meets the visual esthetic auterism of Béla Tarr, Dirk Hendrikx plays the title role of a man who has truly become grief-stricken.

Showtimes for Drift:
Friday, February 7th 7:00pm (Roxie Theatre)
Thursday, February 13th 7:00pm (Roxie Theatre)


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