Steven Soderbergh’s gone “Psycho”

Rinse and repeat … the shower scene from Psycho, and now PsychosAfter the overwhelming commercial and critical failure of Gus Van Sant‘s 1998 Psycho remake one would think no other filmmaker would even dare attempt to take another stab at Hitchie’s classic. Flash forward 16 years later and enter the supposed “retired” filmmaker, Steven Soderbergh. Though not a remake in any traditional sense, Soderbergh’s re imagining is nothing less than brilliant.

After adjusting Van Sant’s version from color to black and white, Soderberg than entwined footage from both versions, thus creating Psychos. Unlike Van Sant’s version, which was a shot by shot remake made primarily as a filmmaking exercise, Soderbergh’s is a film class in of its self, one in which we get to study the film, the art of the remake, and the art of seamless editing. But the best part of Soderbergh’s Psychos is that it is absolutely free. Just follow this link to Soderbergh’s website, where you can check out the film in its entirety for yourself.


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