It’s Pi Day! Time for a Pi list

american-pie-w1280In case you haven’t noticed yet, today is March 14th (3.14) which means it’s Pi day. I’m sure that mathematicians the world over are no doubt celebrating in the geekiest of ways possible, ways this failed math student can not begin to comprehend. However as a lover of cinema I too shall celebrate my indulgence in Pi by listing the top 3 cinematic Pis (pronounced pie, not piss. duh) and pies of all time. Top 3 Pis after the jump.

Number 3 — “American Pie”

american-pie-w1280This scene pretty much speaks for itself. Click on picture and revel in the hilarious awkwardness that awaits. This is still as funny as the first time I saw it, 14 years ago.

Number 2 — “Pi”

pi_1998Looking to go down a rabbit hole of paranoia whilst stabbing your brains out with pencils and drill bits this Pi day? Save yourself the physical agony and throw on Darren Aronofsky’s 1998 debut “Pi” instead.

Number 1 – “Dr. Strangelove”

Strangelove1Perhaps a little too chaotic for the famously controlled environment that was reportedly kept on any Stanley Kubrick set, or perhaps due to equipment being clogged with custard, whatever the reason, this famous pie scene has still never been released. Kubrick‘s alternate ending in where all the characters in the war room go to war with dozens of custard pies sadly has still not been available for public consumption. Clearly this has to be not only the greatest pie scene of all time, but the greatest unseen and unused take of any movie. Ever!


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