Frank Pavich’s “Jodorowsky’s Dune”

1five-starsWithout a doubt, this is one of the best, most strangest, and extraordinary behind-the-scenes films ever made. The film combines the recruiting-of-the-troops element from “Seven Samurai” with all the candid ambition shown in its fellow behind-the-scenes cousins “Burden of Dreams” and “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse“.

Truly, this is not at all your run-of-the-mill talking head documentary, at least not for someone like me who has never seen extensive footage of the director before. Both eye-opening and mind-opening, “Jodorowsky’s Dune” is thoroughly entertaining. The last thing I expecting from a film about a film that never got made was to be wowed by its slew of enlightened, revealing and profoundly inspirational moments. Then again, this is a documentary prominently featuring one of the greatest cinematic surrealists to ever pick up a movie camera, so I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised.

Now, as far as charismatic, fascinating, passionately expressive, and just plain otherworldly filmmakers go, after watching this film I’m convinced that Jodorowsky is pretty much the new reigning king of quirk, at least in my eyes. Compared to Jodorowsky, notable so-called passionate eccentrics like Werner Herzog and Crispin Glover are but minor league fare. Well, maybe not Crispin Glover – I’m pretty sure that dude really is from another planet. My point is, I was hanging on every word that came out of this guys mouth, as well as the stories of those who have encountered him.

By the end of this film, there were 3 things I wanted to run out and do right away; 1 – rewatch this film 2 – revisit Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s filmography, as well the director of this documentary, Frank Pavich‘s previous film “N.Y.H.C.”  and 3 – follow through on one, if not all, of those ambitious projects of my own. But first thing was first, I had this post to write. Hope you enjoyed it. Now do yourself a favor and go watch this film.


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