Coming to SFIFF 2014: “Manakamana” and “Burt’s Buzz”


MANAKAMANA_02three-stars15Ever wonder what it would be like to sit in a sky tram for an hour-and-a-half and stare at whomever or whatever got on board every 10 minutes? Wonder no more. This movie is a great way to satisfy your people staring addiction without being perceived as being a creep.

Manakamana is a perfect example of the difference between a motion picture performance art piece and a more conventional fly-on-the-wall documentary, with this being the former. It’s also a very fun film to pronounce. So yeah, there’s that too.

Showtimes for Manakamana:
Friday, April 25th 6:00pm (New People Cinema)
Sunday,April 27th 1:00pm (New People Cinema)
Monday, May 5th 2:00pm (Sundance Kabuki)

Burt’s Buzz

BurtsBuzz_02two-stars1This is a documentary about Burt, the hat-wearing, bearded face seen on the label of Burt’s Bees personal care products. The film presents Burt as an all-things-simple and go-with-the-flow eccentric hippie. Of course, this image of the Lip Balm icon (yes, he is seen as an icon in certain places of the world, mostly Taiwan) only gets reenforced through use of a light-hearted and whimsical “Curb Your Enthusiasm-esq” score, which in turn makes the whole experience of getting to know Burt feel insincere and distancing, which in the end only belittles all of the well-intended quirk and empathy that the film was supposedly aiming to achieve in the first place.

Showtimes for Burt’s Buzz:
Saturday, May 3rd 4:30pm (Sundance Kabuki)
Tuesday, May 6th 1:15pm (Sundance Kabuki)


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