SFIFF57 Report: Alex van Warmerdam’s “Borgman”

Borgman_01four-stars4Going off only this film and his previous film, 2009’s The Last Days of Emma Blank, (the only two I have seen of his) I have come to the conclusion that writer/director Alex van Warmerdam’s is seriously disturbed, but in the greatest way possible.

His latest is about…. uhh…well…let’s see. You know what, it doesn’t really matter what it’s about, because this is one of those rare wonderful instances where the journey from opening shot to closing shot was filled with so much dark fun that the point of the actual story ultimately became moot.

If I were to tell someone who didn’t already know me, or who wasn’t already familiar with the work of van Warmerdam, that I found scenes of home invasion, poison, strangulation, and children bludgeoning helpless adults with a concrete slate to be laugh-out-loud funny, they might think I was in need of some serious mental counseling.

Here’s what it boils down to: Fans of fast-paced, and straight-played dark-as-night humor, or anyone who finds themselves laughing at every Grimm tale ever written, will most likely enjoy this immensely. If you don’t fall into any of these categories – not to say that you wouldn’t enjoy this (I’m not trying to purposefully generalize here) – but, chances are this would not be your cup of Jenever (Dutch gin).

Remaining Showtimes for Borgman:
Monday, May 5th 9:00pm (New People Cinema)


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