SFIFF57 Report: Mark Cousins’ “A Story of Children in Film”

Palle alene i verden (Astrid Henning-Jensen, DK, 1949)Rating this documentary would be like trying to rate a conversation with a fellow cinephile. It feels silly and I just won’t do it.

It’s clear through the poetically strung together stream of conscious narrating that Cousins’ love of film – more particularly, his love of film moments – is genuine. Any lover of film, or anyone who has ever uttered the words “I love this scene” at least once inside a movie house should go see Mark Cousins‘ visual essay on children in film. You’d be doing your soul a great injustice if you didn’t.

And so my man crush with Mark Cousins’ ideas (I still have no idea what the man looks like) continues. The same can’t be said by everyone. I admit, he’s not for everyone. He is however very much for me. But, judging by the several eye rolls of a fellow film buff sitting next to me during this screening – one whose opinions on film I hold in high regard – I can say with certainty that Cousins’ brand of narrating and presenting his thoughts doesn’t always appeal to everybody.  But like I said, my man crush will continue as I just keep on eating up every thought coming out of this man’s skull – regardless of how silly the routes he takes to get from point A to point B appear to be. I just wish he would include more stuff relating to the Horror genre, a genre that could definitely use some more love from credible critics like Cousins.

Remaining Showtimes for A Story of Children in Film:

Wednesday, May 7th 6:45pm (Sundance Kabuki)


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