I Wake Up Dreaming 2014: Mervyn Le Roy’s “Two Seconds”

Copy_of_TwoSecondsWhy, this picture show wasn’t half bad. Why, I’d even say it was my favorite one of tha festival yet. And ya know why? Settle down Mack, so I’s could tell ya. Why, forget tha fact that all tha dialogue seemed to have started with tha word “why”, I fancied this films for otha reasons.

Why, I fancied tha slick way in how the narrative was presented. Would you believe it, tha darn near entire picture show takes place within tha last two seconds (hey, why, that’s the name of the movie) of one of tha character’s final moments on Earth. Tha poor fella’s about ta get electracuted (talk about ya shocking spoiler alerts) and we get to see his final moments. Now I’ve heard about having ya entire life flash before your eyes before ya die, but not our protagonist. Why, it seems that only about a week or heck… I don’t know, maybe a month passes before this fella’s kicks it. And wouldn’t ya know it, we tha viewers are witness to tha whole shabang. Why, I tell ya, it sure was something.

Here’s tha thing though; why, if I didn’t know better – and believe me kid, I do know better – I’d say this movie is downright hateful ta women. Why, it makes these dime-a-dozen broads out to be nothing more than tramping gold diggers who are not to be trusted and are only good at one thing – ruining bromances and swinging hips. I know, that was two things. I never claimed to be a mathamortician.

Now, listen up and listen good, because I’m a busy cook with a lot of food to serve, so I’mma gonna be brief and to tha point (powerpoint, that is) as ta why I dug this movie so much.

  • Tha fascinating facial expressions of tha lead actor, Edward G. Robinson. Why, I couldn’t look away from tha fella. Wow, what an actor!
  • Being that ya know tha guy committed murda from the get go made every second of tha entire flashback narrative a tense ordeal.
  • It’s no secret – I’m scared of heights. Maybe that’s why I felt so light-headed during every scene where the twos of them were standing on beams high above the city, and without any safety harnesses. Why, I bet the one tall lanky fella wishes he had those safety harnesses, especially after that dizzying camera-spinning fall he had. I nearly hurled into my popcorn bag when that happened. Wow, that sure was something.
  • That especially intense closing monologue. C’mon Academy, how could ya overlook such a performance?

Okay, Mack, that’s all I want ta say about this picture right now. Now if ya don’t mind, I got some dames ta be chasing. So long, kiddos.


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