All Things August: Gianni Di Gregorio’s “Mid-August Lunch”

static-squarespaceWhen it comes to watching films of certain eras, genres, sub-genres, or countries, or watching films made by certain directors, cinematographers, studios, or even ones featuring certain actors, let’s face it, we can’t possibly see them all. Now, as diverse as I like to pride myself as being, I too have a number of gaps to fill within my ever ongoing quest to sample as much from the vast smorgasbord of film history as I possibly can before I die. This is why, starting this month (August) I will dedicate the last two weeks of each month to watching as many films as I can to movies that have the name of the month somewhere within their titles. Hopefully, come 12 months from now, this will be one more silly sub-sub-category of films that I can cross off my need-to-watch list.

If every now and then our everyday life can be all about the simple pleasures, why then can’t good movies be about them too? Well, here’s a little comedic slice of Roma life that says it can.

Writer, director, and star Gianni Di Gregorio‘s film is a glimpse at 24 hours in the life of Gianni, a middle-aged-ish man who lives with and cares for his very elderly mother. With the Italian holiday of Ferragosto approaching, both Gianni’s building administrator and his mother’s doctor are all too eager to leave town to do what ever it is that Italians do during Ferragosto, but not without first negotiating an agreement with Gianni to watch over their elder family members as well. Very quickly Gianni finds himself hosting an overnight senor slumber party, a gathering I’m sure he won’t be forgetting any time soon.

A little (or quite big, depending on how you look at it) something I learned from this film is that apparently all one needs in order to have a fantastic time with whatever elder-sitting situation you find yourself to be in is a go-with-the-flow attitude, lots of good wine, and some great traditional homemade pasta dishes. Sounds simple enough.


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