Daniel Junge & Bryan Storkel’s “Fight Church” Review and Trailer

video-undefined-1CD66AAF00000578-660_636x358Is there anything wrong with a pastor preaching love and compassion on one hand while on the other taking part in the world of mixed martial arts, a sport where in order to win you have to either knock your opponent out or beat him/her into submission? Like most things, it all depends on who you ask, and like most really good documentaries, the people being asked are far from dull.

Out-spoken, full of conviction, and guaranteed to stir a reaction from even the most non-religious of viewers (myself included) Fight Church, the latest documentary by Daniel Junge and Bryan Storkel, takes a microscopic and non-judgmental look into the theologies of these Pastors of Pain.

The first fifteen minutes of the doc is used to introduce us to several pastors where we hear their defense of their participation in the sport. There are clips of the sermons along with clips of bloody faces being pounded on by these wholly leaders. The juxtaposing presentation doesn’t end there though. Countering these Pastors are a priest who is strongly opposed to these Pastors, and a very torn pastor who is clearly wrestling with what the right thing to do really is.

At first I was afraid that this film was going to be nothing more than these people just constantly reiterating their positions. This was fine, but then it started to feel like the film said all it had to say within these opening minutes. It made its point, showed me some differing views, and even included some statistics. As a short slice-of-life film it was perfect. The potential problem was, this was a feature-length doc, not a short. The prospect of sitting through another hour or so of this had me worried. What more could this film offer that it didn’t already say in its first act?

Well, than the second act of the film began, and look out, because from that point on it was nothing but sheer entertainment, the kind that not even the best reality show could offer up. So as not to spoil any of the transpiring situations that occur in the latter half of the film I’ll spare you the many details. Know this though, what unfolds is akin to what I used to experience while watching the weekly drama unfold on Monday Night Raw (WWE Wrestling). However, the enormous difference here is that this is real fighting with real – and mostly scary – people, with real – and very scary – ideologies. It’s as cerebral as it is entertaining, and really what more could you ask for in an exposé-type documentary? This is a winner right here.

Fight Church is currently available (as of 9/16/2014) on iTunes. For more details visit FightChurchFilm.com


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