Film Movement – Year 12 Film 6: Manuel Martín Cuenca’s “Cannibal”

Cannibal5Carlos is a very unusual man, though outwardly appearances wouldn’t suggest otherwise. By day looks like your typical well-groomed, mild mannered tailor (picture the spokesman for Mens Warehouse). Come night time though, when his freezer supply of human flesh starts dwindling, he becomes a well-groomed and mild mannered psychopath.

If you’re looking for a horror film with high octane action sequences and jump scares, look elsewhere. This is way more of a nuanced character study of a what it’s like to be with an emotionally dead person, with horror elements being quietly splashed here and there. In other words, if slow burning films from Spain containing minimal dialogue, restrained acting, crisp cinematography, and a lead protagonist who murders innocent young women isn’t your thing then don’t even bother scooping this onto your plate. However, if you happen to be someone who welcomes any of those aforementioned elements, then by all means, eat up.

Think of this film as a cinematic reminder to cannibals the world over as to why they should never name their food. They might just wind up falling in love with their dinner. Then what would they eat, huh?

Even though I left this film wondering what it was I supposed to get out of it all, I still found the whole thing to be both oddly enjoyable and refreshing enough to recommend to anyone who happens to be looking for a horror film to be presented to them in a way that is not par for the genre’s course.


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