David Ayer’s “Fury”

fury-movie-screenshot-016-1500x1000“The Fury!!!” Remember that guy on Metal Gear Solid who was a walking fire tank, well that was more entertaining than this movie. To put it real simply: I was faced with danger and my life was on the balance but in this movie… not so much.

three-stars15Whose story was it? I know Brad Pitt executive produced this piece, but still, was this a story of passing the torch (which I thought because of the similar resemblance between the mentor/father ship in the sex scene) or was this a coming of age story? Should we feel a certain way about war that we haven’t felt and seen already? In the words of Guetty Cohen, “Did this film have to be made, was it needed for cinema, did it help push the language and theory”? No. It didn’t. We have better war films and Pitt starred in one of my favorites (Inglorious Bastards).

So why make another war movie especially surrounding a tank? To offer brevity to this film it was graceful in showing the banality of war. It was extremely bloody, all of which I understood, but where others have done this bloody carnage, “Fury” starts out with youthful angst. Our hero (?) has a conscience that must be exonerated to be on the army terms of war. It reminded me of former gang life where you must take a life so your comrades can trust you; since you are responsible for their safety as they are of yours, but this was run of the mill story. If there was moral that war is bad and rips apart your life and makes you harder, there are better movies (Thin Red Line).

The premise was set up to be almost of a superhero type crew with nicknames, etc., that helped in their identification and helped explain their character and background, which I think is fine, but if the film is going to go this route, go the whole way and be over the top. But instead it rises to this then fizzles back to a regular lackadaisical path. It wanted to go, but I’m sure there were strings pulled and fell short. Simple and plain.


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