Filmbalaya’s Top 15 Films of 2014

cdn.indiewireWell, folks, it’s about that time again.  The new year has come, and it is up to us to tell you what the best movies were last year because, let’s face it, we’d hate to force you to think for yourself.  We tried to do this as objectively as we possibly could, and, in using the scientific method, we employed such tools as our trusty alembic, abacus, and many systems of levers and pulleys to finally arrive at the definite conclusions presented below. Make sure to comment and let us know what you think!

Now, without further ado, the 15 best films of 2015, presented to you in alphabetical order and followed up by another 15 almost equally impressive runner-ups.

Director – Alejandro González Iñárritu

19birdman2706aRIGGAN: “People, they love blood. They love action. Not this talky, depressing, philosophical bullshit.”

Director – Richard Linklater

288702-1-2500_1600x1200_2453293435_genMOM: “You know what I’m realizing? My life is just going to go. Like that. This series of milestones. Getting married. Having kids. Getting divorced. The time that we thought you were dyslexic. When I taught you how to ride a bike. Getting divorced… again. Getting my masters degree. Finally getting the job I wanted. Sending Samantha off to college. Sending you off to college. You know what’s next? Huh? It’s my fucking funeral! Just go, and leave my picture!”

MASON: Aren’t you jumping ahead by, like, 40 years or something?

MOM: I just thought there would be more.

Blue Ruin
Director – Jeremy Saulnier

blue-ruin_ending-macon-blair-gunDWIGHT: “You know what’s awful? Just ’cause my dad loved your mom… we all end up dead.”

The Double
Director – Richard Ayoade

thedoubleJAMES: “No riding on a motorcycle with another man. Exceptions are drive-by shootings, bomb throwings and purse snatchings. Anything else is gay.”

SIMON: “You seem to know a lot about this.”

JAMES: “Defense wins championships.”

Gone Girl
Director – David Fincher

hr_Gone_Girl_1TANNER BOLT: “You two are the most fucked up people I’ve ever met and I deal with fucked up people for a living.”

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Director – Wes Anderson


PINKY: “Me and the boys talked it over. We think you’re a really straight fellow.”

M. GUSTAVE: “Well, I’ve never been accused of that before, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

The Guest
Director – Adam Wingard

the-guest-review-c2ae210a-7644-43fe-a908-0f3f25f4ea31“You want some advice, Luke? Never let anyone pick on you. Otherwise you’ll carry it with you the rest of your life. Those kids at school that are bigger than you? Bring a knife to school. If they take it off you and beat you up, you go around to their houses at night and burn them down with their families inside. What’s the worst they can do?”

Inherent Vice
Director – Paul Thomas Anderson

cdn.indiewireAUNT REET: “He’s technically Jewish but wants to be a Nazi.”

Jodorowsky’s Dune
Director – Frank Pavich

dune02ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY: “I was raping Frank Herbert, raping like this. But with Love.”

Land Ho!
Directors – Aaron Katz, Martha Stephens

SONY-LHOS-01_27x40_hires_041314 .inddMITCH: “This is so delicious, it’s like angles pissin’ on your tongue”

Director – Dan Gilroy


LOU BLOOM: “Who am I? I’m a hard worker. I set high goals and I’ve been told that I’m persistent.”

Of Horses and Men
Director – Benedikt Erlingsson


HORSE(S): “Neigh. Snort.”

The Rover
Director – David Michôd

роверERIC: “I want my car back.”

Under the Skin
Director – Jonathan Glazer

asxzqqFEMALE: “So, why do you shop at night, then?”

DEFORMED MAN: “People wind me up.”

FEMALE: “How?”

DEFORMED MAN: “They’re ignorant.”

Director – Damien Chazelle

WHIPLASHTERENCE FLETCHER: “There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job.”

Honorable Mentions:

Clouds of Sila Maria (Dir. Olivier Assayas)
The Congress (Dir. Ari Folman)
Foxcatcher (Dir. Bennett Miller)
The Homesman (Dir. Tommy Lee Jones)
Ida (Dir.Pawel Pawlikowski)
The Immigrant (Dir. James Gray)
In Order of Disappearance (Dir. Hans Petter Moland)
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (Dir. David Zellner)
Nymphomaniac Vol.1 (Dir. Lars von Trier)
Only Lovers Left Alive (Dir. Jim Jarmusch)
Our Sunhi (Dir. Sang-soo Hong)
S#x Acts (Dir. Jonathan Gurfinkel)
Venus in Fur (Dir. Roman Polanski)
When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism (Dir. Corneliu Porumboiu)


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