Paolo Virzi’s “Human capital”

1415651763What do you get when you have a gorgeous and talented cast, deeply involved story, and more revelation about money and anxiety than John the revelator? Simple: Human Capital. Directed by Paolo Virzi, this is Italy’s Oscar contender for best foreign language film. And boy does it pack a wallop!

four-stars4This film explores the basic psychology of what we will do at a given time for the right opportunity to advance in life. Rife with deceit, secrecy, love and betrayal, Human Capital is an all too revealing drama. Set with the end in sight (not spoilers here), this films begins its roller coaster ride with a shocking murder mystery. As the drama/thriller starts its slow burn of a whodunit we are treated to anxiety through three main protagonists.

Usually, as a filmmaker, I am caught – or better yet, distracted – by the technique of the film, but here I was immediately sucked in via the gorgeous otherworldly metaphorical opening camera movements. Oh, there is so much subtext that is looking to be unpacked, and that’s what makes this film so special. It reveals itself as much that you can handle and doesn’t get in the way. It is truly a filmmaker’s playground.

Perfect rhythm and pacing for this kind of picture kept the story moving without feeling as if we were being dragged along. My only complaint was that the punch of the title didn’t really add up until the end and, well it was really throughout the film, which I kept mulling over. All in all, great movie and  a nice way to start off 2015.


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