SF IndieFest 2015: Jakob Lass’ “Love Steaks”

love-steaksLove Steaks tells the story of two young resort employees; Clemens, the newest employee who works in the spa section of the resort (and who strongly resembles Joaquin Phoenix, both in terms of his looks and his solid acting chops), and Lara, an alcoholic line cook who wastes little time in exploring and befriending the rookie.

This is a tight and rather straight forward look at such heavy themes as alcoholism and dependency, only without all the melodramatic manipulatory devices usually found in films that seek to tackle such issues. And although its closing scene left me a bit bewildered in that it was both completely unnecessary and ultra stylistically cool at the same time, I still walked away from it knowing I saw something special.

For those of you who like comparisons, here’s the most apt one that I can think of. Love Steaks is a much lighter watch than Joachim Trier‘s Oslo, August 31st and more conventional and obvious in its mission statement than Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master, yet can still clearly be seen as a relative of both.

Technically speaking, the movie looks fantastic. All of the handheld photography (which is most, if not all of the movie) is crisp and smooth. The editing, acting, sound, and cinematography are all professionally executed, and the music, for the handful of times that it appears, threatens to steal every scene that it appears in.

Yeah, I’d say this is one worth checking out.

Showtimes for Love Steaks:
Sunday, February 8th, 9:30pm (Roxie Theatre)
Tuesday, February 10th, 7:15pm (Roxie Theatre)


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