Adam Carolla and Kevin Hench’s “Road Hard”

maxresdefaultThe wonder of a small neighborhood theatre is the idea that everybody is welcome to sit and be transported to this magic place that only those who appreciate can go. In this age of modern where everybody expects big budget over the top technical advancements and marketing gimmicks, it’s nice to know there is a place where one can go where the art is still appreciated. Enter the Balboa theatre here in SF. Outfitted with the latest digital shabazz, this palace is still full of magical wonder. From the time you enter the lobby, where the art deco welcomes you of an era gone by, one can’t help but get misty.

But today I’m reviewing the film by Adam Carolla, Road Hard, not The Balboa Theatre. This is a coming-to-middle-age movie about a washed up comedian who decides to turn his life around while finding love and other things in his travels to zen.

two-stars1I thought the movie was ok. I’m a straight shooter here and for this film even more so because there was really nothing here for me to sink my teeth in. It’s just a basic movie that turns into a love tale in the second act. Naw, not for me. To be honest, this picture wasn’t made for a young 30 year-old male making his mark on the world. I would say see the film if you are the targeted audience (40-50 year-old male who forgot to grow with life). I believe they’ll appreciate it more.

The moral of the film is more or so about choices, and there are always choices in life. To say the least about this picture is this, this movie was made with friends, amongst friends, etc., so there will be the familiar faces and some not so familiar, which is cool but I wished Carolla used the supporting cast more. This movie is what happens when the “frat pack” grows up and its irrelevant comedy is made to eat its vegetables.

Even if you don’t see this movie visit the Balboa, the popcorn and staff are reminiscent of old school customer service.


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