Monthly Poll: Which Sequel Are You Most Excited To See This Summer?

ted-2-TED-2-Teaser-One-Sheet_rgbWhy is it that every time a movie turns a significant profit it is then followed by either a sequel or an attempt to expand its universe, via the spinoff film? Okay, maybe not every movie, but it sure does feel that way an awful lot lately. With that being said, film history has proven that sequels and spinoffs have indeed made some quality everlasting impressions, and in some circumstances even gone on to surpass their predecessors – both in terms of the critical vote, as well as the popular vote.

With a total of eight sequels and two spinoffs being released in North America this summer (May – Aug), I’m curious to see how many of these, if any, will go on to surpass their previous installment. I’m also curious to see which one of these our readers are most excited to go see, hence this poll.

My apologies to all you fans of reboots, but for the obvious reason of not wanting to see Mad Max dominate the poll with 100% of the vote I chose to omit this year’s reboots from the poll. Same goes for you, Fantastic Four. Click the jump, or look to our sidebar to cast your vote.


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