Another Nine Nights of Argento #7 – “Do You Like Hitchcock?” (2005)


Here we go again! For my third annual Halloween trek through horror master Dario Argento‘s frightful filmography, I’m glopping through a gory grab bag of the Giallo madman’s screenplays, TV work, and other obscure treats.


A shut-in Italian film student finds himself in a real-life mashup of classic Alfred Hitchcock films as he spies on his homicidal neighbor (Rear Window), only to uncover a double murder plot (Strangers on a Train) involving switched keys (Dial M for Murder). All these nods aside, one still has the nagging feeling that all Dario Argento really got out of Hitchcock’s body of work was stabby-stab-stab (Psycho) and tits (Frenzy).

While it’s a far cry from the glory days of Deep Red, Argento’s made-for-TV flick has enough going on to keep your attention. This time out, his cast of characters are more varied and interesting, while the frequent homages to Hitchcock’s work are fun for film buffs. The limited budget of a TV production also allows Argento to get a little more creative with his restricted resource, especially in an extended sequence involving a disabled man trying to board his scooter to flee from an attacker.

That being said, this is mostly forgettable stuff along the lines of Sleepless and I still have no clue what that whole chicken flashback had to do with anything.



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