About Us

Filmbalaya started with two movie obsessed friends in San Francisco talking and arguing about their favorite films. It has now blossomed into a website that organizes community events, reviews films form nearly every San Francisco film festival, and makes sure San Franciscan film goers are well informed about what’s playing. We hope you find our website helpful and we look forward to seeing you at one of our screenings.

Adam Cuttler – Co-Founder, Writer, and Organizer

adam1Adam Cuttler came into existence in 1977, the same year Werner Herzog released his masterpiece film Stroszyk, one of Adam’s top 10 films of all time. Though born in Connecticut his longing for peninsula living could not be contained, so at the age of 1 he took his 3 year-old sister Stephanie, and his Father and Mother (Gary and Edie) and moved his family to Long Island, New York. There he would live until the age of 27 when he would make the journey westward to the golden City of San Francisco, where he currently resides with his beautiful woman, Kristiana.  Adam has written several screenplays but has yet to show them to anyone who owns their own camera.  He also once killed a rat named Peanut with a frying pan, but that’s another story.

Adam’s favorite films in no order whatsoever: Stroszyk,  Paris, Texas,  Wages of Fear,  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  Dr. Strangelove,  There Will Be Blood,  The Good The Bad and The Ugly,  Monty Python and The Holy Grail,  O’ Brother Where Art Thou?,  Coffee and Cigarettes.

Nick Petrick – Co-Founder, Writer, and Webmaster

547195_10153227568910565_784264448_nNick Petrick is a San Francisco native. He was born in 1988 with a love for two things, movies and baseball. Proud student in CCSF’s cinema department he is soaking up all the film related information he can get his hands on. His favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick, Roman Polanski, and Sergio Leone. When he’s not watching movies you can find him at the ballpark. He’s a die hard A’s fan but when they are on the road he will often settle for watching the Giants. Nick has an impressive fantasy baseball track record and will gladly join your league and destroy the competition.

Nick’s favorite movies are:  Bull Durham,  Cul-De-Sac,  Das Boot ,  The Double Life Of Veronique,  Hour Of The Wolf,  Once Upon A Time In The West,  Onibaba,  The Tenant,  The Vanishing (1988),  Wake In Fright

Other Contributors

Calindra – Writer

Nancy Travisano – Writer

Sean Lynch – Writer/Filmmaker

Tom Ellis – Writer/Filmmaker

533834_10151631953475719_162828470_nTom Ellis was born on the small island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts in the year of our lord 1989.  He moved often as a lad in order to fulfill the government’s desire that he move around often as a lad.  Eventually he ended up in the wastes of California, and relocated to the oasis of San Francisco, where he studies filmmaking and reads history.  He likes humanist films, short walks on the beach, and Mediterranean dinners.

Favorite people associated with filmmaking: Andrei Tarkovsky,  Ingmar Bergman,  Akira Kurosawa,  Vittorio de Sica,  Woody Allen,  Sidney Lumet,  Sven Nykvist,  Krzysztof Kieslowski,  Charlie Kaufman,  Edward G. Robinson.


One Comment on “About Us”

  1. November 1, 2015 at 10:08 am #

    Can someone please cover our 12th Another Hole in the Head film festival. The festival runs November 6th -16th at New People Cinema in Japantown. We have online screeners and can set up interviews with film makers. THANK YOU

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