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NOW STREAMING: Joshua Moore’s “Keep a Tidy Soul”

PageImage-507317-3671170-_MG_9959How can I convince others, especially those who are fans of the French New Wave style of filmmaking (think early François Truffaut) and even certain Wes Anderson esthetics, that Joshua Moore‘s 11 minute film in where a young woman struggles to find her soul is one of the smartest and funniest shorts I have seen all year? I know, I’ll attach it to this post and let you see for yourself. Enjoy.


Check out Jason Boyce’s Latest Documentary “Ferguson: No Justice, No Peace”

enhanced-buzz-wide-2939-1408746695-19“On August 9th, Mike Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black man was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson. This documentary follows the next few days as protests grip the town of Ferguson, both during the day as organized rallies for justice, and at night as a militarized police force attempts to silence the people of Ferguson. I want people to be able to watch this and come away with an understanding of what the people of Ferguson think and feel, not what the media tells them to think.” – Filmmaker, Jason Boyce

Not-so-weekly Short Film: Jim Owen’s “Can We Talk?”

Can-We-Talk5I hate you, YouTube, and your transfixing ability to take hold of my attention. Why must you suffocate my drive to accomplish any real computer related work? Yet, having said that, I love you too, if for no other reason than making me feel as if my many hours spent swirling about in your vortex wasn’t in vain. For example, I log on to your website to see some video about what a fox says, and one hour later I’m watching a couple break up in Jim Owen‘s very hilarious adult content themed comedy, Can We Talk?. A short film I found to be so funny that I’m forced to post it here. Don’t take my word for it though, Follow the jump and see for yourself. Read More…

Not-so-weekly Short Film: Werner Herzog’s “From One Second to the Next”

werner-herzog-text-drive-doc-610x338.609.338.sHey, want to see what Werner Herzog‘s up to? Sure you do. Apparently working on preproduction for two projects (Hate in America and Queen of the Desert) simultaneously isn’t enough to hold Herzog’s interest. It seems the man has to have a camera in hand at all times, which is just fine by me. Just last week I stumbled upon this short 30-minute documentary that He did on the grave dangers of driving while texting.

Though the doc has none of the usual Herzogian elements (ponderous narration, or prolonged shots of seemingly random objects or beings for the sake of extracting the ever elusive static truths of life) it does do a fantastic job of scaring straight this now retired on-the-road texter. Indeed, this film should be required viewing for driving schools world wide. Warning: grab a tissue box before watching. You’re going to need it. Check out the short film in its entirety after the jump Read More…

Not-so-weekly Short Film: Joel Edgerton’s Bear

Bear-2Director, Joel Edgerton is at it again. This is his follow-up to the darkly comedic short film Spider, where one man’s prank on his girlfriend took a turn for the worse. Without giving anything away, I’ll just say that if you loved Spider, you’ll especially love Bear. You can see both his short films after the jump
Read More…

Not-so-weekly Short Film: 4 From Harmony Korine

Screen_shot_2011-09-28_at_44334_PMWhether it’s fair criticism or not, ever since his first penned script, Kids (1995) and his directorial debut, Gummo (1997), Harmony Korine has gained notoriety for being a filmmaker not afraid to shock audiences while exploring the depths of this thing called “normality”. Most recently Mr. Korine’s attack of the status quo can be seen in Spring Breakers (2013), a movie made on the exploitation of pop culture casting (heart throb of the moment, James Franco, and a couple of Mickey Mouse club kids) and marketed as a sexy non-stop party to the teen and college demographic. Those in on Korine’s joke though know better and will most likely revel in its sleeziness.

In celebration of Harmony Korine’s latest work, Spring Breakers, I’ve collected four of his short films that are each tiny little masterpieces in their own right. Which of these poetry in motion shorts, if any, is your favorite? Read More…

Not-so-weekly Short Film: Chan-wook Park’s “Night Fishing”

4_fullsizephoto148298In 2011 Korean director Chan-wook Park (Stoker, Thirst and Oldboy) joined his brother Chan-kyong Park to make this short film.  The two brothers shot the entire thing on an iPhone4.  How cool is that?!  Okay, so I’m sure there was a lot of professional post production touch-ups and sound design work to be had, but in the end, Paranmanjang AKA Night Fishing is an accomplished piece of horror, and one that can easily hang with the best of what any modern day short film has to offer, be that digital or, dare I even say, film.  Those of you familiar with Chan-wook’s movies should be able to recognize the stylistic flourishes used to present his usual themes of humor, horror and mystery.  There’s also a weird music video thing bookending the actual film, which, from what I could tell, has little to do with the story at all.  Enjoy. Read More…

Not-so-weekly Short Film: An Open Letter


This week’s short film is one by our very own Mr. Tom Ellis. The entire film is shot in one take.

Produced by Arina Tilapalova-Shames, with cinematography by Clive Walker. Read More…

New Short Film by Mike Birbiglia featuring NPR’s Terry Gross

In preparation for his upcoming movie, Sleepwalk With Me, which opens in San Francisco on August 31st, comedian Mike Birbigla put together this short film, entitled Fresh Air 2: Too Fresh Too Furious.  Starring along Mike is NPR’s Terry Gross.  Who knew she could act?

Keeping with the NPR connection, Ira Glass, host of the radio show This American Life, co-wrote sleepwalk With Me.  That, and the fact that this short film is so funny, puts Birbiglia’s directorial feature-length debut to the top of my most anticipated comedies of the year.

Click on the jump to see Mike Birbiglia’s short film, and the trailer for his full length film. Read More…

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