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Announcing The 2011 SF International Animation Film Festival

I have always frustratingly stated that there is simply not enough original animation being shown in theaters.  Sure, from time to time we – meaning wide-spread audiences – get at least one film from either Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, or the occasionally Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Totoro), but is having more films from different outlets really asking too much?  I don’t think so.  Thankfully, we live in a city where film festivals such as this one exist.  This is our chance to see some of the best animation the world has to offer.  I for one, am not going to miss it.

The festival runs from November 10th through the 13th with all the screenings being shown in the state of the art San Francisco Film Society/New People Cinema (1746 Post Street).  As always, check back with closer to opening day for spoiler-free reviews of the films.

Click on the jump to see a full schedule, trailers of the films, ticket info, and a short run-down of some of the highlights I’m looking forward to. Read More…


Let The Cartooooooooon(s) Begin!: Announcing The 5th San Francisco International Animation Film Festival

Although I could think of numerous reasons why any fan of film – espically one of the animation sort – should get excited for this years’ International Animation Film Festival, I’ll narrow it down to just 5.  Why only 5?  Because this is the fifth year of the festival’s existance and I thought the number 5 would be apropriate.

Reason #1: New anime from Japan’s Sunao Katabuchi in the form of Mai Mai Miracle.  Katabuchi worked as Hayao Miyazaki‘s assistant director on Kiki’s Delivery Service, and his film is being praised for its finely crafted anime.

Reason #2: A full 68 minutes of diversly kick-ass animation to rock out to as the Play It By Eye program rhythymcly thwomps your ear-drums.  Enjoy over 10 music videos from some of today’s most innovative artits.

Reason #3: Want to see the best animation from the most important animated European film festivals?  Of course you do, and that’s just what The Best of Annecy program offers you.  From a cat’s best friend, to the entire world in a leaf, this program sounds like it has plenty to offer for the ponderous minds.

Reason#4: Specially developed algorithms, transposition of sound into image and innovations in virtual camera use.  Animation NASA space science nerds, stand up!  From the minds of Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt comes Semiconductor: Forward Looking Back.  …And they say animation is just for kids.

Reason#5: This probably should have been the number 1 reason.  Animation is cool!  A lot of people go to the movies to escape their everyday woes and routines, and what better way to really escape the hum-drum than in a drawing?  To quote the famous King of Cartoons from the best Saturday morning show ever, Pee-wee’s Playhouse, “Let the cartoon begin…”

Follow the jump for a full schedule and how to purchase your tickets Read More…

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