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Announcing The 2011 Cinema By The Bay Film Festival

Don’t mistake the Cinema By The Bay Film Festival simply as a platform for any budding local filmmaker with a camera to get their movie screened.  This festival’s curators pride themselves on featuring only the best that the Bay Area has to offer.  Last year I was turned onto great works of cinema such as Fanny, Annie and Danny and Rivers of A Lost Coast.  For those of you who are eager to support the local film making scene and haven’t seen those films yet, see them!

As far as this year’s program is concerned, which takes place November 3rd through November 6th at SFFS/New People Cinema, I’m looking forward to the following: First off, there’s The Bat with Ava Mendoza, which features a live performance accompaniment from accomplished musician Ava Mendoza to the 1926 silent film, The Bat.  Then there’s the short program highlighting the history and best of Canyon Cinema, Essential SF: Canyon Cinema.  That program looks to be a great introduction into an important part of Bay Area cinema.  But what I am looking most forward to is seeing the celebration of visionaries and contributors to the local cinematic community, Allie LightIrving Saraf, Joshua Grannell (Peaches Christ), and Karen Larsen.

As always, check back with us the week leading up to this event for interviews and our take on which films we feel should be seen and which films would be better left alone.

Schedule and ticket info after the jump

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Cinema By The Bay: A Festival Devoted To Bay Area Filmmaking

For 4 days in November, San Francisco residents – and all residents of the Bay Area, for that matter – have an opportunity to experiance some of the best in Bay Area filmmaking with the Cinema By The Bay film festival.  Here is your chance to support local artists and see how the filmmakers in your home city have been using their creative juices.

Speaking of creative juices (how’s that for a segue?), the festival will be hosting an opening night party at The Summit (780 Valencia Street), where fermented garpe juices will be poured while many other excited film fans and filmmakers rabble on about film and stuff.  Sounds like an all-around good time to me. Schedule and ticket information after the jump Read More…

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