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2nd Annual San Francisco Dance Film Festival

What exactly can one expect to see at this year’s Dance Festival (3/24 – 3/27)?  I’ll let the Motion Pictures website explain:

Motion Pictures focuses on dance films made specifically for the camera, often referred to as “screendance”. These are stand-alone pieces independent from the stage that can range from traditional narratives to experimental collages, and may include the use of animation or other media. The genre is exploding as digital technologies become more accessible to independent choreographers. We are excited to provide a Bay Area platform to present their work. In just our second year presenting the San Francisco Dance Film Festival, we received over 100 entries from 25 countries. We’ve carefully selected around 25 films to present as part of our Screendance Shorts programs March 25-26th 2011 at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center.

I have to admit, before doing this post on Dance Films I knew little of this genre, but after seeing the previews I am quite intrigued in what it has to offer.  From a cinematic standpoint these films look absolutely beautiful.  Ticket information, film schedule and festival trailers can all be found after the jump. Read More…

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