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2012 German Gems Preview Guide

What this festival lacks in quantity (only 5 films) it more than makes up for in quality, which makes the fact that this is the film’s last year even more disheartening.  I for one am truly grateful for being introduced to many fantastic German films over the past few years and this year is no exception.  Check out my mini guide to all the films playing at this year’s fest after the jump

The festival will be at The Castro Theatre on Saturday, January 14th and then move to the Arena Theater in Point Arena on Sunday, January 15th.  All five films will be shown at The Castro Theatre. Read More…


Announcing the 2012 German Gems Film Festival

San Francisco kicks off the 2012 film festival season with the German Gems annual showcase of hard to find German films.  If you haven’t attended this festival in previous years I strongly urge you to do so this time around, because Unfortunately, the third annual German Gems will also be its last.    As can be expected, we at will have spoiler-free reviews on all the films leading up to the festival.

All of the San Francisco screenings will take place at The Castro Theatre on Saturday, January 14th.  From there, the festival moves down the Mendocino coast to the Arena Theater in Point Arena.  Follow the jump for the full schedule and ticket information Read More…

The 2nd Annual German Gems Festival Comes To The Castro

Last year, new German cinema arrived in San Francisco for just one day.  Sorry fans of German film, but if you had other commitments on that particular day… well, tough schnitzels.  Luckily for you however, this year the German Gems festival will last for 3 days.  Now you have no excuse to not catch at least one of Germany’s new film offerings.

Film Reviews:

Keep Surfing (Filmbalaya’s Review)Where I feel other surfing films focus on the majesty of the ocean and its waves, I find this film focusing on the beauty of people doing what they love to do.” -Tim (5 Stars)

The Architect (Filmbalaya’s Review)The all around exceptional toned down performances reign in all the absurd situations to which this script ventures into.” -Adam (3 Stars)

Disenchantments (Filmbalaya’s Review)Though somewhat compelling at times, the films’ dreary look and mundane material became stale.” -Nico (3 Stars)

She Deserved It (Filmbalaya’s Review)director, Thomas Stiller gives us a microscopic peek at one tumorous alpha female and her subsequent actions leading up to her classmate’s demise.” -Adam (2 Stars)

Mahler On The Couch (Filmbalaya’s review)If you love over dramatic, wordy, historical dramas you might like Mahler On The Couch, I however did not.” -Nick (0 Stars)

Film’s We Missed:

Intern for Life

Celebration of Flight

David wants to Fly

Mountain Blood

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