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I Wake Up Dreaming 2014: Mervyn Le Roy’s “Two Seconds”

Copy_of_TwoSecondsWhy, this picture show wasn’t half bad. Why, I’d even say it was my favorite one of tha festival yet. And ya know why? Settle down Mack, so I’s could tell ya. Why, forget tha fact that all tha dialogue seemed to have started with tha word “why”, I fancied this films for otha reasons.

Why, I fancied tha slick way in how the narrative was presented. Would you believe it, tha darn near entire picture show takes place within tha last two seconds (hey, why, that’s the name of the movie) of one of tha character’s final moments on Earth. Tha poor fella’s about ta get electracuted (talk about ya shocking spoiler alerts) and we get to see his final moments. Now I’ve heard about having ya entire life flash before your eyes before ya die, but not our protagonist. Why, it seems that only about a week or heck… I don’t know, maybe a month passes before this fella’s kicks it. And wouldn’t ya know it, we tha viewers are witness to tha whole shabang. Why, I tell ya, it sure was something. Read More…


I Wake Up Dreaming 2014: William Wellman’s “Love is a Racket” & Howard Bretherton’s and William Keighley’s “Ladies They Talk About”

lyle talbot barbara stanwyck ladies they talk about 1As rewarding as passing the time away with my friends on the silver screen often are, for sanity’s sake, I must also devote time to hanging out with my other friends – the human ones. This weekend was one of those times, and it was also the reason as to why I only saw 2 of the 9 programmed films playing at Roxie’s “I Wake up Dreaming” noir festival this weekend. Read More…

I Wake Up Dreaming 2014: Boris Ingster’s “Stranger on the Third Floor”

111212-StrangerThird-PostThe “I Wake up Dreaming” film festival has officially begun, and for the first time in its history I was finally in attendance. Why I waited so long to see this series of noir classics and forgotten B pictures is beyond me. Let’s face it, I have no excuse. Heck, and if you’re reading this and you too have yet to attend this week-long celebration of noir, well, you too my friend have no excuse, especially if you live in the Bay Area.

The festival is happening at The Roxie Theatre from now until May 25th, so depending on when you’re reading this, chances are you still have plenty of time to head out to the oldest operating movie theatre in America and be transported back in time into a slew of fantastic dark dramatic crime worlds inhabiting shadows, gangsters, journalists, private dicks, and dames.

Now, on to my two cents of the Opening Night film, Stranger on the Third Floor Read More…

Talking with Elliot Lavine, Programmer of Noir Film Festival “I Wake Up Dreaming”

1 Stranger3rdFloor

Opening Night Film: “Stranger on the 3rd Floor”

Look out, San Francisco! Nine days of double and triple features of gritty noir are heading your way. From May 16th to May 25th the Roxie Theatre (3117 16th Street) will be the destination for all of your cinematic underworld fixes. It’s the “I Wake Up Dreaming” film festival!

Be sure to check out the complete schedule here, but before you do, I have a special treat; Our gust Alien staff writer, whose goes by the name Ghfffhgungggbfggbf, (pretty much unpronounceable to humans, I know) recently sat down with the festival’s founder and acting programmer, Mr. Elliot Lavine for a quick Q&A. Here’s how the interview went down:

Read More…

I Wake Up Dreaming 2011: 2 Weeks of Noir at The Roxie

Looking for film noir on the streets of San Francisco?  Well, look no further noirites because the Roxie Theatre has all your noirish fetishes covered.  Come on down to the Roxie Theatre any day between May 13th (ooh, friday the 13th) and the 26th to experience your very own double dose of noirishment served to you on luscious smorgasbord of 35mm and 16mm projection.  Delicious.

Follow the jump for tickets and complete line-up info. Read More…

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